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June 19, 2012

Current Dental Discussions – Library Series

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As part of the always informative Library Series, Dr. Chris Page presented “The Link between Periodontal Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Missing Teeth”.  Dr. Page spoke to a group of approximately 25 participants.  The Library Series format allows the public to select a lecture of interest and the opportunity to ask questions on a variety of topics.

Up to 80% of American adults have some form of periodontal (gum) disease.  Maintaining healthy gums and teeth play a vital role in the overall general systemic health of our body. This presentation educates individuals on the potential risks involved with specific oral conditions.  Dr. Page discussed the different ways these situations can be effectively treated.

Periodontal disease is very preventable when detected and treated early.  Different patients have different susceptibilities to periodontal disease.  Those that are determined to be more susceptible will need more frequent maintenance to keep the disease process under control.  Periodontal disease is an inflammatory process and we are finding that more and more attention with overall health is concentrating on controlling inflammatory processes in the body.

We encourage you to visit the web page for the Library Series to see what might be of interest to you.  Knowledge is empowering and this is a tremendous asset provided by this organization.

Library website: www.colliergov.net/library

Program information can be found at: http://public.collier-lib.org/programs/adults.html

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