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April 17, 2014

your Smile, our Passion…

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The office of Drs. Boe, Page and Chris Page is proud to offer the following services to help you achieve the health and appearance you desire.  Feel free to discuss these services with any of our staff or doctors.


~ Smile Reconstruction – Does your smile reflect the real you? Our office provides a custom analysis and discussion about your smile and what you might be able to achieve.  We utilize digital photography, digital scanning and a one on one discussion to formulate a plan to fit your needs and desires.  We utilize all porcelain crowns and veneers that look and feel like your natural teeth while providing you a functional smile with esthetic natural beauty. 


~ Invisalign Orthodontics –Have you wanted to straighten your teeth but haven’t wanted to wear those silver brackets? Well, there is an alternative to traditional braces.  Invisalign is a system using clear, comfortable and removable trays. This method of orthodontics can easily fit into any adult lifestyle.  Your end result is a beautiful smile with straight teeth. We also include bleaching for each patient who completes Invisalign orthodontic treatment.


~ Implants – Do you have missing teeth? Tired of wearing removable partials or dentures that do not fit well?  We can provide you with some alternatives.  Implants can allow for a permanent and stable replacement option that performs like a natural tooth.  Implants can also be utilized to help support the retention and stability of removable dentures.


~ Botox Facial Enhancement Are you trying to fight the signs of aging? Botox Facial Enhancement allows us to achieve a more relaxed and refreshed facial appearance. Botox treatments only take a few minutes.  Botox Facial Enhancement combined with teeth whitening, Invisalign orthodontics, and/or porcelain crowns or veneers; can help you to achieve a more youthful appearance.


~ Sleep Apnea Are you finding yourself tired when you wake up in the morning? You might have Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is a life threatening disorder, which most people are not aware that they have. For those who are using a CPAP or are not using a CPAP because they can’t tolerate it, there is now an alternative.  We can make you a custom-fit mouthpiece that will adjust your lower jaw and your tongue to help keep your airway open while you sleep.  The better you sleep, the more rested you will look and feel. You no longer need to worry about traveling; the mouthpiece is light and portable.


~ Current Dental Discussions –We are very dedicated to educating and informing our local Neapolitans in an informal setting.  We present discussions on numerous current dental topics throughout the year at various facilities including, Bentley Village, Aston Gardens, Moorings Park and the Library Series.  These presentations allow for discussion on topics such as Sleep Apnea, Oncology and Your Teeth, Dental Implants and Periodontal Disease.


Enjoy a healthier brighter smile!

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