Seasons Greetings

All of us here at Boe, Page & Page Dental Group would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Holiday Season!

December Specials

In House Whitening and Take Home Trays with Bleach Gel $280 Botox $11 per unit, buy now and save to use during the year. Electric Toothbrushes make a great gift at $100!

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Common Among Older Men as seen in USA Today

“Dear Doctor, my wife’s uncle, who lived with us, is 76 and obese. I have noticed he sleeps an awful lot – to me, anyway. He sleeps approximately five or six hours a night and then later while sitting on the couch. He frequently takes afternoon naps or will fall asleep while reading and will […]

To Floss or Not to Floss

This issue recently gained media attention, quite possibly on a slow news day. We thought it best to provide our recommendations and rationale on this matter. Our office prides itself on providing quality dental care and dental education to our patients.We feel it is very important to be a source of rational information and direction, […]

Sleep Cycles

Percentages of Healthy Sleep Cycles are shown in the chart above. Our bodies are precisely guided by proper sleep time in each of the four stages of sleep. Each sleep stage in any particular sleep cycle fulfills a distinct physiological and neurological function, each of which appears to be necessary for the health of the […]