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Root Canal - Dentist in Naples Florida

Endodontics (Root Canal)

Nerves of teeth can become diseased by decay reaching the nerve, trauma to the tooth and from periodontal disease. When the nerve of a tooth becomes diseased it will begin to abscess. This can cause considerable discomfort for an individual. If the root and bone support of the tooth is stable, an Endodontic procedure is done to save the tooth. 

 A tooth which has had a root canal will usually have a crown made to provide additional support for the tooth. A tooth which has had root canal therapy can provide many years of comfortable service for individuals.


Bondings (Fillings)

Bonding materials are used throughout the restorative process in treating our patients. This composite material is used to replace older, amalgam (black) fillings, in restoring front teeth, and in closing spaces between teeth.

The procedure is called bonding because it incorporates the use of an adhesive type agent to not only help to retain the composite, but to minimize any leakage around the filling. These composite bonding materials come in various shades and can be blended to match the existing shades of your teeth.


Occlusal Bite Guard

Patients suffering from temporal headaches, loss of tooth structure and facial pain are often treated using an Occlusal Bite Guard. 

The theory of a “hard” Occlusal Bite Guard is to protect the teeth, muscles and joints by providing a balanced and stable biting surface. This ensures that the individual can not isolate any one tooth or area to apply excessive forces. These excessive forces are usually applied during a subconscious time, like when sleeping. These Guards will allow the facial system to relax in harmony and the absence of stress.


Porcelain Crowns

The use of all Porcelain Crowns has become the choice in Esthetic Reconstructive Dentistry. Porcelain Crowns have no “dark” metal substructure and therefore provide a more esthetic restoration. The use of digital shade analysis allows our laboratory technicians to customize each crown to provide a more natural result. Crowns are typically required when there is not adequate tooth structure for a filling. In additional to full porcelain crowns we also offer porcelain/metal crowns and full gold crowns.

Full & Partial Dentures

A denture is a removable appliance that allows individuals with missing teeth to replace these spaces for improved function and esthetics.

Dentures can also be strengthened by utilizing implants to help anchor the denture more securely.



The use of Implants allows the most natural replacement of a missing tooth or missing teeth. Implant procedures have been in our practice for the past 25 years. An implant is placed in the available bone, allowed to integrate, and thus becomes one with the bone, over a 3-6 month “integration” phase. 

The individual can then have a crown or bridge made that is permanent and structurally sound. These Implant supported crowns and bridges can be cleaned and chewed on, just as a natural tooth.